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  1. f_random

    Il mosaico 2017

    2017 LEGO mosaic: Benny @ Trevi fountain by Domenico Franco, su Flickr
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  2. kriminal

    PAB box a 50$

    Ciao popolo ITLug, navigando su FB mi sono imbattuto in un post che mi ha davvero sconcertato, riporto il testo originale e le foto: "Pick A Brick Boxes Purge! It's back and availability varies by US store location at $50 per box. Unlike in the past where the LUG members were the only ones allowed to buy, these were available in plain sight near the PAB wall with the available stock were on the large baseplate in the two stores that were visited. Good luck hunting to you all! Update: In the past, the boxes were priced at $60/$80 depending on the pieces and whatever
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  3. MastroMarco

    Il mosaico 2017

    Complimenti, bellissimo!! Dal vivo poi, è tutta un'altra cosa.
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