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Non dice proprio niente, ma è naturale, sono cose interne loro e difficilmente verranno discusse in pubblico (e probabilmente è giusto così, non sono affari nostri).


Però è preoccupante, perché la rivista è nata per iniziativa sua e la stava facendo in maniera davvero ottima. Vedere che in qualche modo viene tagliato fuori non può che dispiacere e preoccupare.

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Stamattina mi hanno mandato questa mail :


Hi Blocksters


We wanted to clear up some misinformation circulating on the web. Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, there is not, and never was any plan to change the direction of Blocks magazine. In fact the only change planned for Blocks is an improvement to the writing quality, which is why we've invested in an experienced editor, Rob Paton.


Rob's lined up some exciting new contributors to come on stream by issues 7 and 8, and Morrisons the UK's fourth largest supermarket chain has added Blocks to its magazine racks from May 2015 (we're already in WH Smith's, Tesco's, Waitrose, Sainsbury's in the UK and Barnes and Nobel in the USA, together with lots of independant retailers worldwide). Before then we'll be in the USA at Brick Fest Live in Philladelphia, and we also plan to exhibit at the Japanese show in Rokko Island later this year.


We also want to share some more good news. The next Blocks staff minifigure is in the pipeline — only available to subscribers, who can buy them for £4.99 (+ P&P). That's an 80% discount over their RRP. So far in the Blocks set we've had the Governor and the Snapper, and this time it's the turn of our subscriptions girl to become immortalised. We expect to reveal Shelly the Subs Girl on www.blocksmag.com by mid April and issue 8 of Blocks.


Lastly, we want your input. Blocks TV now features at www.blocksmag.com. Please send us your nominations for videos you'd like to see on it. Email James@blocksmag.com


Are you in a LEGO group or community? What are your interests, projects and opinions? Let us know and we can share it with all the other Blocks fans. Email Rob@blocksmag.com


The Blocks Team.







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Sì, è un'email standard che mandano a tutti quelli che chiedono spiegazioni.


Diciamo che ci crederò quando lo vedrò... ora come ora non c'è nessuna base su cui poter dire di avere o non avere fiducia, visto che tutti i numeri usciti finora sono fatti da altre persone... :) Speriamo sia vero!

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