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Aggiornamenti Stud.io

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Ieri, 7 agosto, è stata rilasciata una nuova versione di Stud.io, la 2.0.8_1

Questa la release note (in particolare, notate l'aggiunta di 48 nuovi elementi):

Bug Fixes :
Fixed bug where exporting instructions would crash the application.
Fixed bug where the medium height grid wouldn't work.
Fixed incorrect category info.
Fixed bug where connect feature would let a part to choose its connectivity point as a compatible connection.
Fixed bug where search results wouldn't refresh on changing palette orientation.

Features :
Added force to link submodels feature. Select submodels consist of the same parts and click to make them as the same submodel. Comes in handy in the instruction mode.
Added pin feature on the recently used parts palette.
Added price range indication in parts description and color palette.

Improvements :
Added an ability to edit step labels. Click the pencil button right next to a step header for an edit.
Added context menu in the instruction mode on right mouse click.
Added an ability to count parts of official set import palettes.
48 new parts added.
Added an ability to change a model orientation in submodel view mode using the context menu.

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Mi collego a questo post per segnalare un altro aggiornamento, siamo alla versione 2.0.12_1, di seguito le modifiche apportate:

Bug fixes:

    Fixed bug where Minifig left leg (972) doesn't have its connectivity info.
    Fixed bug where RGB input fields for arrows wouldn't appear in the color picker.
    Fixed typo in the description of the auto recovery option.


    Added 13 new parts.
    Added an ability to do exact match search '=id(PARTID)'.
    Made visual difference for each step title in the steplist.
    Changed color labels for special material colors like rubber and metallic.


    Filter feature; now you are able to search parts within the parts list.
    Added an ability to modify assembly parts such as Minifig torso and legs without breaking their original group structure.


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