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  1. And sorry but don't know exactly what is the goal. Use on big LUG events with lots of public or just small rooms? For small rooms there is a 3rd option, no linux needed, some fellows are using it with plain EV3-G: an induction speaker like this: https://www.banggood.com/Wireless-Audio-Interaction-Mutual-Induction-Speaker-For-Smart-Phone-p-79720.html?cur_warehouse=CN unfortuntely it doesn't have enough sound pressure for a large room with lots of ambient noise. Some guys also open their EV3 and solder a mono female 3.5 mm plug to the internal speaker wires so they can use an audio amplifier directly.
  2. You can see one of of these USB sound cards on this video: I don't have a link for it but most cheap USB sound card with MIC and PHONE plugs should work, here a link to a chinese store with several models for you to get an idea: https://www.banggood.com/buy/external-usb-sound-card.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc_ods&utm_campaign=cyc-sds-cam&utm_content=ysq&ad_id=343585077259&gclid=CjwKCAjw-4_mBRBuEiwA5xnFIIEig2VE2inPU8BEc1bjOWb4gEJoKIzDTcmTRIZh_wifKLuBCei--hoC0yMQAvD_BwE I'm using small speakers with amplifier inside, powered by miniUSB cables.
  3. this was the original intention "una cassa via bluetooth oppure un altro tipo di amplificazione per l'audio" both are possible but if you are not willing to have _a_lot_ of work, I strongly suggest the second option - you can connect a cheap USB sound card to ev3dev and use the headphone output to connect to a sound amplifier.
  4. Ciao a tutti. Sorry but my italian is just 'prego' and 'pizza' :) I will try to help you but in english. I'm the author of that post but it is now 2 years old and ev3dev linux is moving very fast. It was also a very customized thing - by default, as you already notice, ev3dev doesn't have pulseaudio installed, just alsa.
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