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Grazie ad un post della pagina Timeless set & rarity ho scoperto l'esistenza (passata) di questo magazine per i dipendenti LEGO, edito bel periodo 1970-2000

"Klodshans" was an employee magazine which I believe was given out for quite a long time. (I do not have the exact time period, but ca. from the 1970's to the 2000's.
The English version is called "LEGO review" and the German version is called "LEGO revue".
6 magazines were made each year (every second month).

This exact magazine is from 1981 and features a woman in a brick bikini, possibly a brickini?😅
Not sure what LEGO was thinking here...😶


Su MOC Pages c'è un collezionista che che ha diversi numeri e ne ha pubblicato alcune pagine/copertine.


Guardate com'era KKK nel 1998 😉


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